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Patriot Ammo Supply
.22 Caliber .224 Diameter Bullets For Reloading

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High Quality, Accurate, Dependable 22 Caliber Bullets


22 cal bullets - .224 diameter for reloading

100 per package: $18.85



Manufactured and assembled in Montana. Patriot bullets are made in the USA and is based in Montana's beautiful Bitterroot Valley. Patriot Ammo Supply currently manufactures our own high quality, jacketed bullets for reloading.

Our 22 caliber bullets are made using copper jackets and 99% pure lead cores. They are .224 diameter bullets, ideal for loading all .22 caliber cartridges including .223, .222, 22-250, 5.56, etc. We also make brass jacketed "varmint bullets" that are more explosive on impact.

Because we are a bullet manufacturer and make our own rifle and pistol bullets from raw materials we are not at the mercy of other manufacturers like Sierra, Hornady and Speer.

We only sell to private citizens, dealers, shooters and Patriots which means our supply of .22 cal bullets is not being sucked up or pulled from the public market to meet government demands. We DO NOT sell to government agencies and are not tangeled up in government contracts so our bullets and ammunition is available for immediate shipment.

.22 Cal .224 Bullets In Stock And Ready To Ship!

  • Patriot 22 caliber bullets are .224 diameter
  • Flat bottom bullets (not boat tail)
  • Various grain weights include 53 grain, 55 grain, 68 grain, 80 grain
  • Hollow point and soft spire point
  • Custom weights available upon request
  • Available in 100, 500 and 1000 count packages
  • Accurate enough for competition shooters | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us | Privacy | To Order By Phone Call 406-210-0860